Conditions for Furniture Bank Deliveries


Limited Time Offer 

1. The provision of this service is at the sole discretion of RusTeak.  We reserve the right to refuse this service.

2. Offer for customers purchasing from RusTeak when customer pays for delivery of RusTeak purchase (cost based on customer residential location).  

3. When RusTeak piece is delivered, we will pick up the item and take it to Furniture Bank for an additional $50.00 (this is a $250 value).  Total cost is your delivery cost plus $50.00.

4. Pick up of item will occur at the time RusTeak piece is delivered.  We regret we cannot return for it at a later date.

5. The item must be in “gently used” condition and not on Furniture Bank’s list of Items Not Accepted below.  If item is not gently used the $50.00 fee will still apply if RusTeak must bring the item to the curb for disposal, but will not apply if RusTeak declines this offer.

6. Customer agrees to send a photo of the item to in order to establish in advance whether the donation requires disassembly. Where applicable, customer agrees to disassemble.  If the item has not been disassembled, additional charge of $20.00 will apply, or RusTeak reserves the right to decline the offer.

7. The item must be in reasonable proximity to the exit of customer residence, i.e.  RusTeak will not carry items from your garage, basement or other remote areas of your home to the exit.

8. RusTeak will not complete any paperwork or perform an administrative function for the the provision of the service.

9. This offer is to remove the item and transport to the curb or Furniture Bank only, we will not remove the item to any other location.


Dining/Living Room

  • Any standing units taller than 6 feet (72” or 182 cm)
  • Sofas longer than 7 feet (84”or 213 cm)
  • Sofa beds and futons longer than 6 feet (72” or 182 cm)
  • Broadloom carpets
  • Rugs and carpets longer than 8 x 11 feet (96” x 132” or 243 x 335 cm)


  • Wooden bed frames
  • Desks larger than 4 feet (48” or 121 cm)
  • ’L shaped’ desks